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2.5 Alternator Kit

Mercury Hi Performance and stock Mercury Outboards will both benifit from using our 50 amp Alternator kit.   The 50 amp chrome Alternator kit, when installed, runs with your existing 15 amp charging system for a total of 65 Amps.   The advantages of adding our 50 Amp Alternator kit are many.  Here are a few to think about.

Maintaining adequate system voltage keeps fuel pressure where it belongs and you will notice performance gains.
Keeping fuel press where it belongs helps eliminate engine meltdowns.
How much electronic equipment do you use on your boat?

Speaking of dead batteries, how long do you run your stereo while at the sand bars?   All day?   Then run your high dollar motor on low voltage (low fuel pressure) all the way home?   NOT a nice thing to do to your baby!

For a comprehensive evaluation and installation instructions by Greg Terzian, owner of Scream and Fly online E-zine, CLICK HERE!

Plain $575.00
Chrome $695.00