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Simon Motorsports poppet Diverter Valve

(Images below)

  1. Remove lower unit and set aside.
    Note: if you have a two piece drive shaft, make sure you remove both sections this will make removal of the powerhead easier.

  2. Trim motor vertical.

  3. Disconnect motor from power source at the battery.

  4. With a test light or volt meter, check to make sure there is no power at the positive and negative cables on the powerhead.

  5. Remove the shift and throttle cable, oil and fuel lines, and all electrical connections from the powerhead. Remove positive and negative cables form power head. Note: it will make it easier during the install if you mark all connections as you remove them. Mechanics number stickers (available at most parts stores) or tape and a pen can be used.

  6. Remove the lower skirt from under the cowl pan.

  7. Remove the power head nuts and remove the powerhead (donít forget the front nuts just behind the steering) and set in a safe location making sure not to set the powerhead on the studs as this can bend them or damage the threads.

  8. Remove the bolts that hold the upper motor mounts to the clamp.

  9. While supporting the midsection, remove the nuts from the studs on the mounts at the bottom of the clamp.

  10. Remove the midsection and set on a flat surface.

  11. Remove the exhaust plate with tuner and exhaust can attached from the midsection.
    Note: DO NOT USE A HAMMER DIRECTLY ON THE EXHAUST PLATE BECAUSE YOU CAN BREAK THE FLANGE. Using a gasket scrapper or large flat blade screwdriver, tap between the rear of the exhaust plate and midsection being careful not to damage the mating surface.  It can be tough, but they will separate.   Remove rubber gasket located in the bottom of the midsection. DO NOT SEPARATE THE EXAUST CAN OR TUNER FROM THE EXHAUST PLATE. Remove copper water tube and set will be reinstalled later.   Then measure approximately 5 inches from the bottom of the exhaust can (or the first casting mark) and cut the can off at this mark.

  12. After cutting the can, make sure the mating surface on the exhaust plate and midsection are clean of all old gasket and burrs caused by separating. Use a high temp gasket sealer and apply a bead around the exhaust plate and assemble to the midsection.

  13. Remove the stock poppet diverter from the exhaust plate then remove the rubber ring inside hole for stock poppet valve and install in the Simon poppet Diverter.

  1. Place the studs on the lower end of the midsection into the motor clamp bracket and hand tighten the nuts while supporting the midsection.   Assemble the top motor mounts and tighten all to factory specs.

  2. Install the new Simon water diverter by placing the stock diverter onto the Simon adapter make sure there is a gasket between ALL surfaces and mount to exhaust plate using the bolts provided torque to factory specs.

  3. Clean all old gasket from the top of the exhaust plate, bottom of the powerhead and top and bottom of the lower cowl pan.  Install new gaskets and install powerhead.  Torque all bolts to factory specs.

  4. Reconnect all wires and shift and throttle cable.  Reconnect positive and negative cables to powerhead. Reconnect fuel and oil lines.

  5. Install supplied clear hose to Simon poppet adapter.

  6. Drill hole in lower skirt for the hose fitting and attach to lower skirt.

  7. Install lower skirt making sure that clear hose is firmly on the fitting installed earlier.

  8. Double check all fuel and oil fittings.

  9. Install lower unit.  Torque all bolts to factory specs (if you have a two piece drive shaft, put the two shafts together prior to install).


    Set powerhead on a safe surface so it canít be knocked over.